Your story, your website, your products, and even your awards, it’s all about you! Once all of this is pulled together we use our platform to send it out. Once distributors have received and reviewed your information, they begin requesting samples. These samples are sent directly from you to them!

This industry is tough, that’s why we’re here to make it less of an hassle. We utilize our platform to help connect you to potential clients. This places access to all distributors, bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, at our fingertips.

When the distributors are ready to place an order, we take care of it! We hold federal and state licences and will handle all state required reporting and registration. We also work with clients that have existing distribution relationships, but struggle with retail sales. Of course we utilize our database and generate custom retail awareness programs, consisting of direct mail, email campaigns, and social media campaigns This activity drives a conversation between the sales representative and to drive sales.