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Let us increase your awareness! It’s hard to get the right attention in such a competitive industry. Let us develop postcards, email templates with your social media/website, and finally making some noise in states across the country to get your name and product out there!


Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy is critical to the success of your brand. In an over saturated market, execution is key. Our network of suppliers, producers, wholesalers, and retailers gets your product in the hands of consumers faster. We’ll guide you through the process of creating programs and incentive options to excite wholesalers and the sales representatives that will execute client brand goals and objectives. Paralleling and further augmenting the wholesaler’s efforts, Keen Beverage’s communication center targets both on and off premise retail accounts in addition to end consumers. Direct and ongoing telemarketing, targeted email campaigns, and social engagement force brand awareness.

A strong online presence is crucial for today’s beverage brands. Engaging with the consumer in a social setting creates loyalty. We take the time to develop, organize, and monitor your brand’s website and social media pages.


Our firm can create social media profiles and websites from the ground up. We can manage your online presence or help manage existing websites. We can custom fit your needs in the digital space. We not only design and manage these assets for clients, we create and advise on the best use of marketing budget by creating social campaigns specific to client criteria. These campaigns are highly targeted and specifically tailors to a brand’s demographic and geographical regions of product or flavor availability.