We collaborate with our client to understand goals and strategies of their product ideas. Our experience and guidance is used to advise clients on the best way to enter the market for their unique concepts. We can help you construct and develop comprehensive marketing strategies and execute those strategies through the alcohol beverage industry’s suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and consumer across the United States.

Our network of development companies across the US allows us to move quickly when it comes to formulation. We’re able to communicate our client’s needs efficiently to result in an end product that not only meets the goals and expectations in color, taste and texture, but also a formula that is US approved, shelf stable and ready for consumers.

The team at Keen Beverage works to match each product with the proper distillery. The distillery will develop a base and put the unique formulation into production. Based on each product we’re sure to match your idea to the proper process.

During the formulation process we’ll also begin to source and identify all of the raw goods needed to bring your brand to life. We’ll help price and determine the right fit for bottling your product, whether that means using a stock bottle or creating a unique and custom mold for your brand. Once the glass has been determined, we can select the closure or capsule to be used based on what best fits your design.

The development doesn’t stop there, once we have your packaging concept, we’ll coordinate your design and logo. Together these elements will create a cohesive brand identity and will be visible on labels, sleeves, cartons and point of sale displays.